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When you need service of process in Boca Raton or any of the surrounding areas within Palm Beach County, Florida you can retain my company in a moments notice. My name is Jonathan Levy. I am a local Floridian who knows every street, every community, every commercial building and possess the abilities to find out just about anything about a local person or business in my town. As a Private Investigator and a Licensed Process Server for more then ten years my experience and credibility assures you will receive the very best service and personalized attention needed to handle your matter. Call me directly and lets talk about what you need and how I can assist you. If you would like to learn more about my company and all service offerings please scroll down this page.


Licensed Service of Process Services in Florida
Florida Private Process Server Services
Have a Witness Subpoena, Deposition Subpoena and or a Records Subpoena Served by a
Private, Certified, Licensed Private Process Server in Florida
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A. C. E., Inc.
Subpoena Process Serving Services in Florida

 Witness Subpoena and Records Subpoena Vendor for Attorneys and Paralegal Professionals.
 Witness Subpoena, Records Subpoena Duces Tecum and process serving  services

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Florida Witness Subpoena .com offers information and insights about what a Witness subpoena and Records Subpoena is.  Typically, a Witness Subpoena, Deposition Subpoena or Records Subpoena is utilized by an Attorney who is seeking to obtain a sworn statement and or specific evidence for a court proceeding. Within these pages you will find Witness Subpoena and Records Subpoena information as it relates to the following: What is a Witness Subpoena or Records Subpoena? How does a Witness Subpoena or Records Subpoena get delivered or “served?” Subpoena Service of Process Laws and Subpoena statutes. What to do if you are served with a Witness Subpoena or Records Subpoena? How you can have your Records Subpoena or Witness Subpoena served by a professional Private Process Server anywhere in the United States.

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For your convenience and to save time, Please Note: We do not need the Original Subpoena to serve. You may email or fax us your subpoena !

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Cloud Lake

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Gulf Stream


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Florida Private Investigation and Process Server Services
(Listed Alphabetically)

Accident or Incident Location Documentation:
You provide us with a location of the reported incident; we will provide you with photographs and or video. A written report/affidavit will be furnished too.

Address and or Property Photographic Verification:
You provide us with an address; we will provide you with video and/or photographs of the location.

Address Search:
|You supply us with an address, we ascertain names, phone numbers, past and present occupants, whether owned or rented, commercial or residential, past and present drivers who use (d) the address and any and all business other licenses that may be using the address.

Adoptee & Birth Parent Search:
We assist you in obtaining pertinent information as it relates to your needs.

Adverse Information Search:
A broad and complete investigation to uncover derogatory information about a person or business, e.g.’s liens, bankruptcies, judgments, lawsuits, judgments, and or criminal records.

Anonymous Associate Service:
This affords you an opportunity to have a licensed Private Investigator pose as an employee or vendor. While working on the “inside” we will “anonymously” observe and evaluate your circumstances.

AOE - COE Investigations:
Worker Compensation AOE - COE investigations center on determining the facts surrounding an alleged injury by a worker on the job. The term AOE - COE refers to determining if a work comp injury is "Arising Out of Employment" or it is in the "Course Of Employment."

Applicant Screening:
We thoroughly investigate, research and confirm the accuracy of an applicants resume and personal information.

Architectural Review and Enforcement:
Working in conjunction with private community associations, we skillfully monitor, enforce and report code by-laws violations within private communities.

Arrest Records Researched
You provide us with the name, social security number, date of birth and the county, city, or town where arrest (s) occurred; we will research, retrieve it, and then provide you with the record (s) if any.

Asset Locators:
We investigate and expose assets owned, sold and or transferred. Investigative information obtained reveals real property ownership; boats, cars, planes, jet ski’s, bank accounts, stocks, bonds and safety deposit boxes, brokerage accounts, equipment, furniture, jewelry, antiques, valuables, painting and more.

Auction Representative / Attendee:
You provide us with a date, time, location and related information; we will attend the sale, bid and participate on your behalf.

Background Check Services:
You provide us with a name, social security number, date of birth and last known address; we will provide you with a dossier of personal data, civil and criminal records, if any. This service includes statewide Florida criminal records, Florida Federal; civil and criminal records, county (last known and/or current address location) civil and criminal records.

Bad Faith Investigation:
If you are victim to a person or a business dealing in "bad faith" please contact us for a free consultation. Our investigative expertise and experience may be valuable to your particular situation. Time is of the essence, don't wait to call for help. Contact us now!

Birth and Death Records Search:
The service provides you with names, dates and all pertinent information.

Business / Corporate Search:
Investigation services include: corporate ownership, director status, registered agent registration, fictitious name filings and provides you will all the details, such as but not limited to, date of incorporation, date of start up, partners, trademarks, patents, and copy writes. Additional information available is TRW profile, D&B reports, business summary reports, licenses; and physical evaluation of premises, employees and office environment.

Child Custody Evidence:
We utilize our resources, skills and equipment to gather specific evidence as it relates to your matter. All information obtained is documented and prepared to be used as evidence in court.

Class Action Litigation Support
We assist Attorneys in gathering information, interviewing, locating and service witnesses and retrieving records, files and information. No assignment is too small or large for us to handle.

Client Qualifier Services:
Many hours are needlessly spent marketing unqualified people and businesses. This unique service affords a marketing / sales person an opportunity to identify qualified prospects; names, phone numbers, addresses, facsimile numbers, email addresses, web pages, cell phone numbers, credit information, family members, etc. can be revealed.

Collections Investigations:
If you are having difficulty collecting a bad debt(s) you should be utilizing our services. We gather information, visit locations and even contact the debtor for you. Our skillful covert collection investigation can be quite helpful but having a live person "visit" the debtor may assist you in expediting a quicker payment. We can also skillfully negotiate payments where and when you authorize us to do so.

Commercial Litigation:
With over twenty-five years of business experience, our president can assist you with a high level of understanding and professionalism. To arrange for a confidential no cost consultation, please call us and ask for Jonathan Levy.

Competitor Intelligence:
Have a skilled and experienced licensed investigators uncover a vast amount of information about your competitor (s).

Confidential Courier and Notary Services:
Have a licensed investigator pick up, retrieve, deliver and or notarize documents on your behalf.

Contractor Information: You can investigate any contractor whom you may be affiliated or considering doing with.

Counter Surveillance:
Our skilled tactics will uncover if you, your business and or employees are “under” investigation.

Court House Records:
Our nationwide network of investigators and researchers can uncover, retrieve and photocopy records on your behalf.

Corporate and Business Affiliation Search
You provide us with the subject name; we will provide you with all Florida corporate, LLC, GP, PA, PC and RA and or fictitious name affiliation records information.

Corporate Consulting:
Our senior investigator offers twenty-five years of top level corporate experience. Solutions to your problems are ascertained while preventive measures can be recommended so as to avoid future problems.

Court Ordered Child Recovery:
Covert strategies coupled with a caring strategy will guarantee the location and expeditious recovery of the child (ren).

Criminal Background Search:
Conducted at the metro, county, state and federal levels. A person with a criminal history may be exposed and all facets of the subject’s records can be documented in great detail.

Criminal Defense Investigations:
As expert investigators, we offer dedicated efforts and conduct a thorough well-planned strategy / investigation on behalf of the wrongly accused.

Customer Evaluation and Satisfaction Services:
We utilize skilled covert techniques to observe, interview and uncover what people are saying. This investigative service will tell you what people really think about your business, products and or services.

Date of Birth Investigation
You provide us with a name, social security number and last known address; we will provide you with a date of birth.

Deadbeat Locating and Tracking Services:
Expert skip tracing tactics and professional surveillance measures will secure the whereabouts and activities of the deadbeat.

Death, Probate and or Guardianship Records Located
You provide us with the name of the decedent and the address and county; we will provide you with the docket sheet and related information for the case file identified.

Drivers’ License and Driving Records:
We can obtain all driving record information and records from anywhere in the United States and most foreign countries.

Disability Offenders:
We secure all pertinent information as it relates to individuals and business that violate disability laws. In addition, we investigate individuals who fraudulently represent themselves as disabled and provide evidence accordingly.

Discovery Assistance:
We work diligently, efficiently and expeditiously to assist Attorney’s in the discovery process.

Discrimination Investigations:
We secure all pertinent information as it relates to individuals and business that violate discrimination laws. In addition, we investigate individuals who fraudulently represent themselves as victims of discrimination.

Divorce Investigations:
We are experts in providing a wealth of information as it relates to your needs. Divorce Investigations include any or all services offered herein.

Do It Yourself Lessons:
These one on one classes affords you an opportunity to learn how to conduct preliminary investigations. We can teach you phone techniques, computer skills, and hands on real time surveillance experience.

Docket Sheet Retrieval:
You supply us with a case number and courthouse location; we provide you with a copy of the docket sheet and related information for the case file identified.

Document Retrieval:
We can retrieve documents, files and records from any location within the State of Florida. Some restrictions and authorization may apply to medical records.

Domain Investigations:
We can find, locate, ascertain current and historical registrant information as well as any information relating to a particular domain (website name).

Due Diligence:
An investigative service tears apart a business from an investigator point of view. A thorough investigation of people, products, services and business relations are examined.

Elderly and Nursing Home Abuse Investigations:
Through the use of skilled investigators and surveillance techniques and equipment we can reveal any and all activities that may be abusive and inappropriate.

Email and Internet Surveillance:
Setting up and establishing a covert identity on your behalf can be a useful investigate experience. We set up an email address and identity for the purposes of assisting you in communicating with a particular person.

Email and Internet Surveillance:
Communicating and Investigating with your subject is usually  a very fruitful experience. You provide us with a name, email address and directives; we will thoroughly communicate and investigate the subject. You will be provided with copies of all outgoing and incoming email correspondence, if any.

Employee Monitoring:
Find out anything about the activities of your employees. We investigate, follow, video, photograph and covertly interact to uncover conflicts, illegal behavior and or impropriety.

Employment Search:
This service will verify a person’s employment history and or current employment status.

Expert Witness:
In every case wherein we gather information and or evidence, we will appear on your behalf as a witness to testify in court or for deposition.

Family Members Monitored:
Find out anything about the activities of your family members. We investigate, follow, video, photograph and covertly interact to uncover all activities and friends.

Find It Services:
With the utilization of modern technology, worldwide contacts, investigation expertise and proven research skills, we can find anything.

Find Out Services:
Using old fashion Gumshoe tactics, we can secure the information you are seeking.

Florida Foreclosure and Estate Sale Attendance Services:
We will appear as your local representative or covertly to handle all assigned tasks or purchases in accordance with your directives.

Foreclosure Services:
We are eviction and foreclosure specialists. As Private Investigators and Process Servers we can handle any and all of your needs.

Fraud Detection and Prevention:
Our insightful investigators guarantee to uncover fraudulent activities, bogus claims, if or when they exist.

Genealogy Research:
We trace the historical background of family names and members.

Green Violators Investigations:
We provide documentary services for clients who want to report anyone or any business who is a "Green Violator" a/k/a/ an enemy to our environment. If you know of a situation that needs to be documented, please call us.

Guest Speaker:
Our president is available to appear as a guest speaker and will take honor in your invitation provided it is at least two months in advance.

Harassment Defense Investigations:
We secure all pertinent information as it relates to an individual who is victimized by harassment. In addition, we can provide services for individuals and or business that are wrongly accused of harassment.

Heir Locations Services:
In respect to locating, contacting and meeting missing heirs, our investigative services assure professional communications and results.

Infringement Investigations and Evaluations:
Our extensive experience and success in this area guarantees successful results. When infringers are identified we covertly evaluate all aspects of the violation(s). Our skilled follow up and persistence will afford us to gather facts and evidence against the violators.

Information Protection Services:
This service is offered to those who are concerned about proprietary, secret and or electronic communication leaks. We can assist in identifying problem areas as well as creating defense measures to protect your information.

Integrity Analysis:
Our certified analyst can determine from a written document if a person has a high level of integrity. This comprehensive analysis is quite revealing.

Intellectual Property:
We have extensive experience investigation intellectual property violations and theft. We are especially experienced in website, domain name and internet investigations while we still maintain we are the very best at trademark, copyright and patent infringement matters.

Internet Investigations:
In the world of electronic commerce and communications, you may have the need to protect yourself from fraud and becoming victim of a fraud. We are experienced with electronic surveillance, investigations and intelligence. Please call us for a free consultation.

We used skilled and experienced investigation efforts to interview subjects. Our investigators can be retained to perform formal or covert interactive interviews to be used as evidence in court.

Internal Audits:
We provide an in-depth analysis of your inventory, services, procedures and employee paid hours.

Legal Research and Support Services:
We assist Attorneys, Insurance companies and business in researching and retrieving pertinent information and or subject products.

License Tag / Plate Information:
You provide us with a Florida vehicle license tag number; we will provide you with the year, make and model of the vehicle and the lien holder and/or owner of the vehicle.

License Verification Search:
This service confirms the validity of licenses for professionals such as, teachers, brokers, doctors, lawyers, security dealers, investigators; also service companies licenses such as landscapers, management companies, health spas, nail salons, plumbers, and electricians. Also pilots, boaters and firearm licenses can be verified.

Lifestyle Profile Evaluations:
We photograph video and research the home and office to give you an accurate insight into a person Status quo.

Loss Prevention Services:
Our skillful observations and strategic investigation skills can help prevent losses due to fraud, theft, sloppiness or simple mismanagement. Most losses can be prevented or ascertained within a short period in time.

Lost Love Ones:
We are particularly skilled in finding people. Our resources and expertise can be helpful in finding that very special person.

Mail Forwarding:
You provide us with a person’s last known address; we will provide you with the address where the mail is forwarding.

Malfeasance Investigations:
We investigate and take pride in uncovering illegal and wrongful acts committed by public officials. We may consider providing our services Pro Bono!

Marriage & Divorce Records Investigations:
This service provides you with information relating to a persons marriage and or divorce records. When, where and how many marriages can be revealed.

Medical Records Retrieved:
We offer Statewide retrieval services and can obtain records, films and files as your agent. Some restrictions apply and the appropriate authorization is required

Merger Information:
We investigate any and all aspects of a perspective merger candidate. Employees, managers, owners, customers, neighbors, contractors, etc. can be scrutinized and evaluated. This service assists you in making educated decisions.

Military Records:
Military records can be researched, located and verified.

Missing Person Investigation: We use expert investigation skills, researchers and database information to track down missing people. In some cases, many services listed herein are utilized to assist in locating the person in question.

Mortgage Filing and Recording:
We can file and or record your clients Mortgage and Title work. We will arrange for picking up the documents, travel to the appropriate government buildings and file the appropriate documents. After the filing is successfully managed we will return the recorded instruments to a designated address of your choice.

Mystery Shopping:
A secret behind the scenes investigation of your staff, services, suppliers, operators, managers and customers.

Name Verification:
This service confirms the accuracy and legality of a person’s name. In addition, we can determine if the person changed, altered or had any other names previously to the current one.

Nautical Surveillance and Investigations:
We can assist you with any type of private investigation "on the water."
Our covert and experienced maritime operative is capable of navigating all waterways from The Palm Beach Area to the Bahama's.

Patent and TradeMark Infringement Investigations:
Our experience and success in gathering evidence to prove infringement upon patents copyrights, “knock off’s” is extensive. We have a successful record and an impeccable reputation in the following industries: Apparel, Electronics, Toys, Software, Gifts, as well as all Intellectual property.

Police and Private Investigator Corruption Matters:
We investigate corruption matters with great pride. If corruption is taking place and or has been identified we will gather evidence to prove your case.

Police, Internal Affairs and Public Officials Files:
You provide us with the name and address of the person in question; we will personally visit the designated location and request the file and copies.

Probate Records:
We can locate, evaluate and retrieve any and all probate records nationwide.

Professional License Verification:
You provide us with a name and profession; we will provide and confirm the status (past and present) of the licensee and adverse information, if any.

Process Serving:
We offer services anywhere in Florida and coordinate nationwide services. Your Summons and Subpoena will be served quickly and efficiently. Experience and knowledge of all applicable laws assures proper and timely service.

Records Retrieved:
We can obtain and copy court files, medical records, legal files, mortgages, financial documents, recorded documents, final dispositions, docket sheets, titles, deeds, etc.

SEC Investigations:
This service uncovers broker / dealer licenses, disciplinary actions, CRD records, NASD information, U-5 filings, U-4 filings, adverse filings, employment history, license status, employers and other personal information.

Skip Tracing ~ Finding someone:
Our resourceful investigation tactics afford you the best opportunity to determining a persons last known address and or the current location of the person in question.

Social Security Number Verification:
You provide us with a name and last known address; we will provide you with a social security number (Not available to the public).

Stolen Property Investigations:
We can assist you in finding your property. Our strategic approach and relentless investigative efforts can assist you in finding what belongs to you.

Sub Rosa Investigative Services:
The effective use of sub rosa surveillance is the most crucial factor in defending against workers compensation fraud and to counter injury limitation claims made by the claimant. We deliver top quality video that clearly shows when the claimant is exaggerating or falsifying the existence or extent of an injury. The sub rosa is conducted by seasoned professionals who know how to get video that saves your company real money by defeating fraudulent workers compensation claims.

Our surveillance services are exemplary. We utilize special vehicles, state of the art equipment and experienced investigation tactics to gather facts and information about the subject and circumstances.

Suspicious Behavior Monitoring:
We use expert surveillance techniques, state of the art cameras to uncover and identify suspicious activities and people.

Tenant Screening:
We conduct pre-tenant and tenant screening investigations. Information we uncover can be used in qualifying a perspective tenant.

Title and Finance Recording and Retrieval:
We can record or retrieve your Title, Mortgage and Deed instruments. We will arrange to pick up the documents, travel to the appropriate government buildings and file the appropriate documents. If retrieving documents is your request we will locate and obtain the information you are seeking. After the filing or retrieval assignment is successfully managed we will return the recorded instruments to a designated address of your choice.

Tortuous Business Interference:
Our skill and trained investigator is adept at gathering evidence to prove the interference. We will prove beyond a reasonable doubt, if actualized, the tortuous acts and present evidentiary reports, pictures, witness statements accordingly.

Trade Show Investigations:
We attend, participate and investigate the activities at trade shows. Finding out information about clients, people, products, payment terms, sales strategies, marketing plans and the handling of business matters in general can be easily investigated and ascertained.

Vehicle Identification and Ownership Record:
You provide us with a V.I.N. number; we will provide you with the current title or lien holder.

Vehicle Title Owner:
You provide us with a license tag number; we will provide you with the title or lien holder.

Website Investigations:
You supply us with a website address; we provide you with the company name, address, owner and website content information. You will be provided a report with all details.

Website Monitoring and Tracking:
One of the newest services we offer. Our experienced affords you an opportunity to gather historical and current information from any website. If protecting your products, services, copyrighted information and or proprietary property from infringers is of concern allow us to help you.

Will Contest:
Our investigative skills and resources can assist you in acquiring information, conducting witness statements and retrieving evidence. This extensive service requires a thorough understanding of your circumstances and predicament. We have the experience and knowledge to help you. Please call us for a free consultation.

Witness Interviewing:
We can obtain witness statements and or interviews in a professional and timely manner. Professional typed reports and authorized taped statements are handled immediately upon request.

Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations:
We utilize any or all of our skills, equipment, knowledge and experience in fraud cases. We are especially interested in proving fraudulent activities of a claimant on behalf of our clients / insurance companies.

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This Website and all of its affiliated sites is operated by Jonathan Levy, C.E.O., Corporate President, Private Investigator & Private Process Server; Florida, USA. Mr. Levy is a renowned Florida State Licensed Private Investigator,  C.E.O. and President of the Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation, Florida USA.  Mr. Levy is also Licensed by Circuit Courts and a holds a Special Process Server Appointment License issued by a Sheriff's Office. Mr. Levy's privately owned agency offers a wide range of Private Investigation services, Worldwide Service of Process assistance and maintains a significant interest in the internet marketing of legal oriented websites and domain name interests.

This website offers useful information but should NOT be considered as legal advice. The information on this site should always be verified. Always consult an Attorney before making any decisions concerning any type of Subpoena or service of process proceeding.


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What we provide, Nationwide Service of Process Services
We deliver and serve legal documents for a reasonable fee and utilize seasoned contracted professionals to get the job done properly. We understand the many different Statutes and Laws that dictate how we handle our clients requests. We provide competent and proven skills that assure well focused, timely and successful services. We are expert private investigators and private process servers and are considered the best in the business. We treat each request as if it's a top priority and will go to great lengths to make sure your needs are met as you expect them to be. We serve and deliver legal documents nationwide and have agents in every city to support us with our efforts.

Nationwide Locate, Skip Trace and Finding and Indentifying the whereabouts people

We are a nationwide service provider of investigation, locate and service of process services. We specialize in finding missing people, locating debtors, locating witnesses, locating birth parents, locating heirs and locating defendants.

We are serious and can prove it
To substantiate our commitment to our business and assure you we are a serious service provider, we developed over 300 websites. Some websites specialize in offering investigation services while others offer process serving services and courthouse courier services. If you are seeking nationwide service, please scroll down and view all the different websites we have that offer nationwide services. If you are seeking service of process within a specific city, town or county in Florida, please scroll down. Overall, if you take the time to view our websites you will learn we have gone to great lengths to expand our online offerings. We offer information and we provide useful tools to anyone seeking assistance with investigative matters and or process serving services.

Any business who is serious enough to produce, maintain and offer 300 plus websites focusing in on services provided to Attorney's, Law Offices, Banks, Corporations, Insurance companies and government agencies must be dedicated and up to date with all laws and required procedures. We are committed to our business and your needs . Our service offerings are provided with the highest regard and respect. We prove ourselves to hundreds of clients per week and have been doing so for nineteen years. With just about 375,000 successful transactions and unparalleled experiences, let us work for you.

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 Islip,  Jamaica,  Levittown,  Long Beach,   Long Island City,   Manhassett,   Manhattan,    Melville,   Newburgh, Oyster Bay,   Plainview,   Riverhead,  New York,    Long Island,    Queens,  Rego Park,  Riverhead,  Rochester,  Saratoga,  Seaford,  Smithtown,  Syracuse,   Tarrytown, Uniondale Valley Stream,  Westchester,  Westbury, White Plains, Yonkers

Private Investigation Services in Florida

A. C. E., Inc. Investigations,  Ace Florida,  Boca Raton Surveillance,  Boca Raton Private Investigator, Private Investigator Boca Raton,  Private Investigators Boca Raton, Boynton Beach Private Investigator,  Delray Beach Private Investigator,  Delray Beach Surveillance,  Highland Beach Private Investigator Lake Worth Private Investigator, Lantana Private Investigator,  Palm Beach Gardens Private Investigator,  Palm Beach Private Investigator, Parkland Private Investigator,  Plantation Private Investigator, Pompano Beach Private Investigator,  Wellington Private Investigator,  West Palm Beach Private Investigator, ForensicPrivateInvestigator
Florida Courthouse, Messenger and Courier Services:
Courier Florida Statewide,  Court Copying Services,  Court Courier Services, Courthouse Researchers, Courthouse Runners,  Docket Research and Retrieval.  Judicial Messengers

Florida Registered Agent Services:
Florida Statutory Agent,  Registered Agent Florida, Resident Agent Florida
Nationwide Process Server Services - Major Cities Listed We handle Process Service in all Cities throughout the United States. We are your one stop vendor for all you process delivery needs.
Boston,  Cincinnati, Dallas,  Denver,  Florida,  Minneapolis,  New Orleans,  New York,   Philadelphia,  Seattle

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We are NOT Attorney's. We Private Process Servers who serve and deliver subpoena's in Florida


We Accept Charge cards! For security reasons we ask that you please call our office to process your transaction.

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